From Monday, 14.10.2019, until Friday, 18.10.2019, an English week took place for the students of the 6th grades. Three native speakers from America (Nolan, Adam and Benjamin), and one from Australia (Liam) led the students through various activities throughout the week.

Part of these activities were for example: create your own country with own laws, talking about fake news, write an own poem, talk about personal interests, talking about the Austrian election etc. For us students it was a very interesting, educational and funny week, an alternation from normal lessons. We would like to thank Nolan, Adam, Liam and Benjamin, and we really appreciate that you spent time with us.
Max 6C

englishweek adam

Our class joined the English week. I did like it a lot because we were discussing interesting topics about our planet, philosophy etc. We had four different teachers who were very polite, patient and lovely. I do think it’s an amazing experience. At the end, you bond in a particular kind of way with your class mates when you talk in English for a whole week. Thoughtful conversations, lots of laughter and cultivating topics where on our daily agenda.
Dara 6A

englishweek liam

I personally really enjoyed that week not only because of the “lessons“ but also because of the teachers. I don’t think teachers would be the best word to describe what they were because you just didn’t have the feeling that they are looking down on you. It was a lot of fun because of their activities. Adam for example made fun of us often because of the way we talked or behaved which was really funny and made us connect more with him. I’m glad I participated and would definitely recommend it.
Tabea 6A

englishweek nolan